Thursday, June 7, 2007

Just Can't Help Myself

I just can’t help myself, each time I approach the door of an antique store or I go to a flea market I convince myself no more shoes. What is it with these collections of ours? My friend Becca just wrote she "had to stop herself from starting a vintage book vase collection". As you saw from my last post I am on the hunt for birds, needless to say I have only found 1 so that collection is really not a collection at this point. So nothing to worry about there. But the shoes, now that is a different story. They are not out of hand yet and I feel confident that I have the will power to stop now and put my collection on my site and sell them. (Deep sigh)
I think with most of us, it is the hunt to find just the right piece, the right color, the right pattern. And then to sit back and admire our collection. Once we feel satisfied with that collection then something inspires us towards finding another object, we are back on the hunt again.
Some collections are found for pure folly, others are for serious collecting. As I have said before, I love vintage linens. To me there is such a wonderful story, a history, a true vision of women of the past and how they spent their leisure time. I love to see all the wonderful embroidery stitches or the quilting and the crochet trim. So some of my collection of vintage lines I can’t part with. Others I enjoy collecting for my customers, with hopes that they too will start a collection.
I think that no matter what you collect it should have meaning to you. It should be fun, it should touch your heart, possibly being something that you remember from your childhood or something you remember from your Grandmothers kitchen. Like my collection of vintage creamers. I just think they are adorable. Put them on a shelf in a cottage kitchen and what a wonderful statement they would make. Display some vintage platters around the shelf and what a great display you now have. I just love that look, and so now your collections becomes useful.
Anyway, I guess I have said enough on collections. With that said, I am now going through my collections and have decided it is time to part with some so I can make room for new ones. So be on the lookout I am on a frenzy to UN-Collect.


She'sSewPretty said...

Your blog is so pretty. I love your little shoe collection. I thought about buying some to make into pincushions. I also have the collecting "fever". I buy rose plates to sell, but I never try to hard to sell them. So my collection is huge. So is my linen collection. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Now I'm not the only collector who can't stop....

Stephanie said...

Well spoken, Michele~funny, but I have a little pink baby shoe & have had a "search" going for more on eBay! Yours are adorable! Collections are sooo fun, but can get out of hand. I can't part with any of mine yet! Like I say, if I love it, I love it FOREVER!

Take a peek at mine & Lori's Wedding Week blogs if you get a chance. My Bride's Magazine that you cleaned up is still one of my fav pics now!!

Angelic Accents

Beth Leintz said...

I sure can relate to the collecting frenzy- I really think its more about the thrill of the hunt than anything. I just love spotting the perfect little treasure at a flea market or garage sale. Since I enjoy it so much and, as hobbies go, it's pretty inexpensive- much cheaper than buying designer clothes or even golfing every week, I say "collect away"! You can always sell when you run out of room!

Charmingdesigns said...

Love your blog and collections!!!Well, I have been collecting silver spoons. Thats when I came up with putting a pincushion on them, then the wool birdies came along and sat on one..and then Holly saw it, then Natasha saw it...and now the little birds are everywhere LOL. You can contact me at

ancient one said...

Those little shoes are the cutest things!! I have never noticed them before when I've been on my own private serches for my collections. But seeing them together in your picture makes a person take notice.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi again Michele, Thank you for your comments on my home. You just come on over anytime for a hear? I had a fit when I saw your baby shoes. I have been collecting them ever since my grand-daughter was born and have about 20 of them. I think they may be my theme on the MMP teaparty blog. :)) It's a secret. Don't tell. :))