Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sabbatical Is Over

Like many of you, there has been so much going on that it has left me little time to blog. It feels good getting back to the things I enjoy most. I have missed many of my fellow bloggers and have just recently spent a lazy Sunday in my p.j.'s doing nothing but reading blogs and catching up.

The holidays are fast approaching, like many we have decided to trim the spending by coming up with more meaningful and personal gifts. I for one have always loved handmade gifts, I call them gifts from the heart. There is such a personal approach to these gifts, finding just the right sentiment that will touch the heart of the receiver. I have 5 children, all grown and most have their own families now. So finding gifts for 7 grandchildren, 5 grown children and 3 spouses and my husband can be a challenge.

As a retailer I think we all hold our breath and hope for good holiday sales. Many of the major retail chains across the country are holding their breath as well. We all read the newspapers and hear the nightly news, so all of us are aware of this tough economic time. But in the back of our mind we are still trying to process how to have a memorable holiday without breaking the bank.

I think there are so many ways to make this holiday all about family, establish a new tradition that brings back the true spirit of Christmas. I have decided that I will share some wonderful gift ideas that are easy to make even if you feel you have no creativity. I will also add links to stores where you can purchase the necessary items to create these gifts. Food gifts are always great and I'm sure there are many great cooks that can share some of their favorite holiday recipes. Also tips on making your own holiday gift wrap and tags. I will be adding these ideas to the article section of my website, any ideas that you have for a joyous holiday send them along. Let's make this a fun, creative and stress free holiday. No need to break the bank this holiday, there are so many creative readers who can offer their tips and family traditions to make this memorable.

So let's join forces by putting our heads together. You never know, there maybe someone who loves to bake adorable decorated cutout cookies but has no talent for crafting, make a trade. This could be such a fun way to meet new people while expanding your talents. Isn't this what the holidays are really all about? Joyous sharing, so please leave a comment, share your talent or expertise.

Just as a little enticement, I thought it would be fun for everyone to come up with a creative idea on how to use this tote as a gift. What would you add? Whoever has the most creative idea will win this tote.