Sunday, June 24, 2007

Something New And Fun, Give it a try...

My first swap, it's amazing what fits into a matchbox.

This was so much fun as I am really new to this type of project. The adorable small matchboxes were done by Amanda at Vintage Paper Crafts, aren't they adorable? It's like where have I been and when did this medium become so popular? I know that it all started with the scrap booking and just took off from there. But I am amazed at all the wonderful designs and merchandise that is on the market right now. I love the tags, journals, jewelry and just the interesting items used for these projects. So I thought it was about time that I jump in and give it a try.
I have really enjoyed looking at so many blogs and seeing all of the altered art. And the talent is amazing. I guess I need to hold onto those little babies that come inside of the King Cakes each year at Mardi Gras they could be used for some interesting project.
Actually, what I am really having fun with, is all the blogs that I have come across and they literally are all over the world. I am fascinated with the women who write these, as they range from all ages. From stay at home mothers to career women. But there is a constant thread that ties these blogs together and that is the need to create and their love of home and family.
It has made me realize that I should be offering my customers some of these wonderful items. I especially love the gift tags, journals and stationary. So that is now on my things to look for.
What do you think?
P.S. Thank you Amanda, your matchboxes were so sweet and I loved the little trinkets inside each.


Jules said...

yES YES YES,thats what i think,love love love them matchboxes im in the swap too but yours are the nicest i have seen so far,yes it is is amazing what fits inside a matchbox.Such fun !

Ele said...

Aren't swaps fun! The matchboxes are sweet. It is amazing what fits in these boxes.

ViNtAgE PaPeR CrAfTs said...

Thanks so Much! This was my first time making matchboxes I am glad you liked them!!

ViNtAgE PaPeR CrAfTs said...

I got your box and I LOVE IT! The paper you used on it is amazing....I want to buy some,where do u get it? thanks again i loved the bigger box!