Monday, March 3, 2008

One Lone Flower

Imagine my surprise when I looked out my window to see this one lone Snapdragon blooming in my unkept planter box. Spring has not yet arrived, apparently this lone flower didn't realize that and pushed itself to sprout and bloom. The seedling must have been dropped in the planter box by a bird, as I had not yet put any seeds out.
As I sat, having my morning coffee I realized that this little flower was much like all the women who work each day to nurture their business, family and friends. One lone web site in a vast arena of many many beautiful sites. The tenacity that each one of these shopkeepers has is utterly amazing. Not only are they caring for their family and dear friends they continue to work diligently on building a home business.
As many in this enormous cyber space venue, it takes many hours of learning and often by trial and error to get a web site known. So many times you feel like the lone Snapdragon, pushing forward against many tuff obstacles, but with determination your web site starts to bloom and you receive encouraging emails from customers and other web site owners.
Just like the lone Snapdragon, that doesn't realize it isn't Spring yet, you forge ahead with great expectations and a positive I can do this attitude. So today, I take my hat off to all the hard working women who are relentless in their pursuit of blooming. I hope they can remember the lone pink Snapdragon that inspite of bad weather, no nurturing it succeeded. I wish all of you much success.