Thursday, June 28, 2007

Get The Picnic Table Ready

Everytime I pull these out, I just think of summer and all the wonderful times spent at a family picnic. I guess I do date myself if I remember glass pitchers being used. But there really was something special about those times. Families would gather even in their own backyards. It didn't even have to be a weekend, it could be a Tuesday night in the summer and people would have their picnic tables all set with bright colored tablecloths, these wonderful vintage pitchers filled with lemonade or ice tea. And there always seemed to be the red plastic plates. Not the ones you would throw out, these were specifically used for picnics.
It wasn't take out food that would be on the menu, usually fried chicken, baked beans, potato salad and always fresh strawberries and watermelon. Maybe we had these picnics more often in our backyards as we didn't have air conditioning. So it was a great way to cool off at the end of the day, funny how the heat didn't seem to bother us as much then.
I'm sure you've guessed another one of my weaknesses, vintage pitchers. I love the ones you can find with the glasses to match. There is just something about the way iced tea or lemonade or even Kool-Aid tastes when it is poured from one of these old pitchers. Try it, I'm sure you will see exactly what I mean.

I love to have houseguests and when they come to the table for breakfast I have the cute juice pitcher (the one in the picture) with the matching glasses all filled with fresh orange juice. Maybe I love it more than anyone else, as it takes me to a simpler time, when we all used to sit around and have family time and great undisturbed conversations.
Ahh, those were the days.


Charmingdesigns said...

I LOVE vintage pitchers. I have a small collection of them...(how many does it take to call it a collection??) I use them more for flowers then for Laurie

"Early Bird" said...

Wonderful post...and I agree every beverage tastes better out of glass container!