Sunday, September 30, 2007

Change of Season

I just love this time of year, where you can feel fall in the air. All the stores are now stocked with Halloween costumes, and tons of Halloween candy. Many of my favorite memorizes focused around this time of year. Getting my kids their Halloween costumes was a huge event and they would start begging for me to buy the Halloween candy NOW! Some how they were convinced that the stores would run out if I didn't buy it by October first. Funny how you only fall for that idea once. Only to end up running through the grocery store at 5:00 on Halloween night because all that is left in the big black kettle is empty wrappers. Of course your kids are in a panic, afraid you will buy the worst candy and no one will come to your house, once the word goes out that you have little boxes of raisins. Why is it that they think you are clueless about Halloween?
Carving the pumpkin, that was always great fun. It seemed that there was always a disagreement whether the pumpkin should have a smile or a frown. Also, the little battle of where we were going to place the pumpkin where all the neighbors could see it, but the big kids wouldn't smash it.
Now all my children are grown and there are no more pumpkins to carve or costumes to buy, so I enjoy all the little neighbor children in their adorable costumes, so excited to receive the candy.
October is also breast cancer awareness month. A time for all women to go for a check-up and for all of us to raise our voices in prayer for all of our sisters and their families who are dealing with this disease. Sweet Yesterdays, has commissioned Cathy Penton, who has been featured in Romantic Home to do a special charm. Sweet Yesterdays will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these charms to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. So, please stop by and see these beautiful charms they are beautiful.
I love giving things away to all my blog friends, so just post your name and you will be entered into my give away. I will draw a name on October 8th. It will be for one of the beautiful charms from Cathy.
Have Wonderful October!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Time For Reflection

As many of you know from previous posts, I am a collector of little shoes. There is just something so nostalgic and precious about these. This little pair is one of my favorites. Your mind can just imagine the little person who wore them. This pair has the name Tony Woodard 1949 on the bottom. Wouldn't it just be great to know more about little Tony? This little pair with the tiny yellow socks came in the original box. I think it's so much fun to decorate with these. Add them to a nursery shelf along with a vintage silver baby cup and you have instant charm. Mix them in with old chalk ware and vintage photos. It just seems to add a sentimental touch. I know most of you have held onto your childrens little shoes, so have fun decorate with them. They're nostalgic, sweet and sentimental.
I would love to hear what you have done with your childrens little shoes or maybe even your own.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Welcome To My Tea Party

I am so happy that you were able to join me for tea. There are so many tea parties going on today, so I know you can't stay long. But please do leave me a message, so I can thank you for stopping by.

All of my wonderful pink sisters at are having their parties today so do stop by and say hello.