Thursday, June 14, 2007

If Only I Had Known

If only I had known we were going to stay in this house for 5 years I would have gone crazy and planted all sorts of beautiful flowers. But I have learned through the years that when I go out and buy all sorts of wonderful bulbs, flowering shrubs and spend tons of money trying to make a beautiful French garden, we end up selling the home before everything blooms. So right now the only and I mean only plant that I have on our 1-acre parcel is this beautiful Hydrangea. So of course I’m going to take all kinds of pictures of it. Fortunately for me, I planted it in the front yard as it does give some curb appeal.
Each year I find myself in the same situation should I or shouldn’t I go all out and add beautiful flowers. I love looking at magazines that show all the beautiful gardens with winding paths and interesting garden statues tucked back in with small benches where you can sit. I just wish there was someone who could just magically come and do it all for me, and it would look like it has been there for years. And of course it wouldn’t cost me a fortune.
We did have beautiful Magnolia’s all over our backyard and some beautiful old Oak trees, but that was before Katrina decided to blow them down on our roof. And whatever trees were left close to the house, my husband decided those should be taken down before they landed on our house as well. I think I should just plant Hydrangeas all over my yard, at least I know I have a green thumb with those.
For all of you, who love to garden, I do think at some point we should have a seed exchange. What do you think?


ViNtAgE PaPeR CrAfTs said...

I have your matchboxes ready, I got so excited about the theme and i made 6 so I figured since I had so many i would send you two! I really enjoyed making them. I am making 150 of them for a wedding, for it was good practice!

Ele said...

I would love a seed exchange. I was thinking of some "garden theme" swap. My own garden seeds wouldn't be ready until fall, but I'd sure like to trade with people.

Charmingdesigns said...

That Hydrangea is sooo beautiful. my favorite flower and color..mine all end up pink! Laurie

Stephanie said...

Your hydrangeas are lovely, one of my favorite flowers. Yes, go for it, & plant a zillion of them!

Angelic Accents

Merci-Notes said...

I have some beautiful white columbine seeds from my plant! do they survive your zone I wonder...we could give it a try. I have not tried planting these seeds yet because I was actually trying to control this plant as a speciman. It should get about 2- 2 1/2 feet tall! I hope!
Let me know if you would like to try some.
hydrangeas are big do yours get? Do they die back to the ground in a cooler season or are they always big down there??? Does your zone allow Azalleas???
With Kindness,
Mary p.s. let me know if you would like the seeds.

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Thank you for visiting me at my blog Michelle! And thank you for your sweet compliment about the roses shelf. It is all still a learning process... I have to tell you that this hydrangea is just beautiful! I absolutely love hydrangeas and though I have do have somewhat of a green thumb, my hydrangeas do not do what I want them to do. I think that what happens is that they bud out and then the buds get frost bitten before they actually bloom. You may already know this but in case you didn't I wanted to tell you that I can root these very easily and so can you so you can get a lot of plants out of this mother plant. Will take some time to grow but they root very easily. Just take some cuttings from the mother plant about 5 or 6 inches long or so,cutting about an inch or so below one of the nodes, dip the cuttings in a rooting hormone deep enough to cover the node, and plant them in a small pot. Remove all of the leaves except the top two or three so that the energy goes to establishing roots instead of maintaining the cuttings growth. I have rooted them in sand or sand mixed with potting soil and also with just plain potting soil with no sand at all. Just keep the soil a little moist and they root in no time at all! Or you can actually bend down one of the longer branches of the bush, cover the area where there is a node with dirt and kind of anchor it down with a rock to the ground and they will root like that too! You certainly have a green thumb for them! If you love to garden I hope you will try it! It gives me such joy to grow something from seed or to root many plants from a mother plant! I would be interested in your seed exchange too, but I am not sure if I have seed this year that is not hybrid. But I am sure I can come up with bulbs or something! I enjoy your site and will visit again and again!