Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Has Anyone Seen This Little Bird?

We all have little things that peak our interest and for some reason I came across this little bird on Ebay and I thought how cute. No one had bid on it, so I put in a max bid of something like $14.99. At that time, I really didn't believe anyone was collecting little birds, oh how silly of me to think that. Well needless to say I did not win the little bird. Don't you just love them??
Now I am on the look out for little birds, and as yet I have not seen this one. Why you ask? Beats me, I need another collection like I need another head. I tell myself all the time "give up, stop looking". I really do need to down size instead of collect, but each time I'm out and my car veers into an antique store, there I am looking for this little bird. HELP!
I know there are many of you out there that can relate to my collecting problem. If you have seen this bird, let me hear from you or if you have the same collecting problem, jump in and tell me your collecting story. Either way I would love to hear from you.


Ele said...

Those birds are so sweet! I love their colors. Everything we go past a rummage sale, or flea market. Before I say anything my daughter says,"do we have to stop." With me it is anything vintage, doilies, teacups, linens, silver, etc. The list goes on....

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I love Love LOVE birds!!
The things I collect seems to grow weekly. Just this past weekend, I had to stop myself from starting a vintage book vase collection!

I also wanted to let you know, that I chose your suggested name of Annabelle for my pretty pink doll ~ please e-mail me with your address; I would love to send you a little something!

ancient one said...

Collecting? That's me! I have way too much stuff. Anytime I get 3 of anything it becomes a collection! Love your blog!!

Merci-Notes said...

Oh yes, Very cute birds! More inticing once it is known that you cannot have them!!! I prefere Etsy..you know that you are getting the item! It is your no qustions!
With Kindness,

Jules said...

Me me me i collect collections
i am a collectoraholic,if i found a collectors anonymous id join,besides a billion other things i love birds and nests.They are scattered through my house you may find them perched upon picture frames ,on top of cupboards ,nesting inside hanging cups,i love the unexpected,for someone to go Oh how sweet.Good luck with the bird hunting.

Cheryl said...

Oh I just love little birds, too...the older, chubbier and more friendly-looking, the better! Just LOVING your blog...thanks for the sweet eye candy and delightful thoughts...hugs to you! cheryl