Thursday, June 28, 2007

Get The Picnic Table Ready

Everytime I pull these out, I just think of summer and all the wonderful times spent at a family picnic. I guess I do date myself if I remember glass pitchers being used. But there really was something special about those times. Families would gather even in their own backyards. It didn't even have to be a weekend, it could be a Tuesday night in the summer and people would have their picnic tables all set with bright colored tablecloths, these wonderful vintage pitchers filled with lemonade or ice tea. And there always seemed to be the red plastic plates. Not the ones you would throw out, these were specifically used for picnics.
It wasn't take out food that would be on the menu, usually fried chicken, baked beans, potato salad and always fresh strawberries and watermelon. Maybe we had these picnics more often in our backyards as we didn't have air conditioning. So it was a great way to cool off at the end of the day, funny how the heat didn't seem to bother us as much then.
I'm sure you've guessed another one of my weaknesses, vintage pitchers. I love the ones you can find with the glasses to match. There is just something about the way iced tea or lemonade or even Kool-Aid tastes when it is poured from one of these old pitchers. Try it, I'm sure you will see exactly what I mean.

I love to have houseguests and when they come to the table for breakfast I have the cute juice pitcher (the one in the picture) with the matching glasses all filled with fresh orange juice. Maybe I love it more than anyone else, as it takes me to a simpler time, when we all used to sit around and have family time and great undisturbed conversations.
Ahh, those were the days.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Something New And Fun, Give it a try...

My first swap, it's amazing what fits into a matchbox.

This was so much fun as I am really new to this type of project. The adorable small matchboxes were done by Amanda at Vintage Paper Crafts, aren't they adorable? It's like where have I been and when did this medium become so popular? I know that it all started with the scrap booking and just took off from there. But I am amazed at all the wonderful designs and merchandise that is on the market right now. I love the tags, journals, jewelry and just the interesting items used for these projects. So I thought it was about time that I jump in and give it a try.
I have really enjoyed looking at so many blogs and seeing all of the altered art. And the talent is amazing. I guess I need to hold onto those little babies that come inside of the King Cakes each year at Mardi Gras they could be used for some interesting project.
Actually, what I am really having fun with, is all the blogs that I have come across and they literally are all over the world. I am fascinated with the women who write these, as they range from all ages. From stay at home mothers to career women. But there is a constant thread that ties these blogs together and that is the need to create and their love of home and family.
It has made me realize that I should be offering my customers some of these wonderful items. I especially love the gift tags, journals and stationary. So that is now on my things to look for.
What do you think?
P.S. Thank you Amanda, your matchboxes were so sweet and I loved the little trinkets inside each.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

If Only I Had Known

If only I had known we were going to stay in this house for 5 years I would have gone crazy and planted all sorts of beautiful flowers. But I have learned through the years that when I go out and buy all sorts of wonderful bulbs, flowering shrubs and spend tons of money trying to make a beautiful French garden, we end up selling the home before everything blooms. So right now the only and I mean only plant that I have on our 1-acre parcel is this beautiful Hydrangea. So of course I’m going to take all kinds of pictures of it. Fortunately for me, I planted it in the front yard as it does give some curb appeal.
Each year I find myself in the same situation should I or shouldn’t I go all out and add beautiful flowers. I love looking at magazines that show all the beautiful gardens with winding paths and interesting garden statues tucked back in with small benches where you can sit. I just wish there was someone who could just magically come and do it all for me, and it would look like it has been there for years. And of course it wouldn’t cost me a fortune.
We did have beautiful Magnolia’s all over our backyard and some beautiful old Oak trees, but that was before Katrina decided to blow them down on our roof. And whatever trees were left close to the house, my husband decided those should be taken down before they landed on our house as well. I think I should just plant Hydrangeas all over my yard, at least I know I have a green thumb with those.
For all of you, who love to garden, I do think at some point we should have a seed exchange. What do you think?

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Just Can't Help Myself

I just can’t help myself, each time I approach the door of an antique store or I go to a flea market I convince myself no more shoes. What is it with these collections of ours? My friend Becca just wrote she "had to stop herself from starting a vintage book vase collection". As you saw from my last post I am on the hunt for birds, needless to say I have only found 1 so that collection is really not a collection at this point. So nothing to worry about there. But the shoes, now that is a different story. They are not out of hand yet and I feel confident that I have the will power to stop now and put my collection on my site and sell them. (Deep sigh)
I think with most of us, it is the hunt to find just the right piece, the right color, the right pattern. And then to sit back and admire our collection. Once we feel satisfied with that collection then something inspires us towards finding another object, we are back on the hunt again.
Some collections are found for pure folly, others are for serious collecting. As I have said before, I love vintage linens. To me there is such a wonderful story, a history, a true vision of women of the past and how they spent their leisure time. I love to see all the wonderful embroidery stitches or the quilting and the crochet trim. So some of my collection of vintage lines I can’t part with. Others I enjoy collecting for my customers, with hopes that they too will start a collection.
I think that no matter what you collect it should have meaning to you. It should be fun, it should touch your heart, possibly being something that you remember from your childhood or something you remember from your Grandmothers kitchen. Like my collection of vintage creamers. I just think they are adorable. Put them on a shelf in a cottage kitchen and what a wonderful statement they would make. Display some vintage platters around the shelf and what a great display you now have. I just love that look, and so now your collections becomes useful.
Anyway, I guess I have said enough on collections. With that said, I am now going through my collections and have decided it is time to part with some so I can make room for new ones. So be on the lookout I am on a frenzy to UN-Collect.