Sunday, December 17, 2006

That Special Little Gift

With the holiday fast approaching next week, I was reminded that I have this new blog and hadn't written a thing. So here I am again! I have been rushing around just like everyone else trying to find that last minute gift or as I call it that "just in case gift". I am always so worried that someone will pop in or someone will bring a friend with them and sure enough, I won't have a gift.
I also love to find the little unusual gifts, the sweet sentiment gifts. The ones I know will touch someone's heart. Those are by far my favorite gifts, both to receive and to give.
I think we get caught up in thinking we have to run to the mall's to find that new and expensive gift when really, something sweet and sentimental will do just fine.
Another one of my favorites, is a wonderful vintage plate filled with homemade baked goods. Nothing says I care about you more than that. Or a beautiful vintage bowl filled with bath and body products, what a sweet presentation, just add some beautiful tissue paper to the bottom of the bowl and you are all set.
Another favorite of mine, is vintage embroidered pillowcase with a lovely sachet and a beautiful teacup. Or those of you that are crafty, find a beautiful teacup and make it into a candle. What sweet and thoughtful gifts these make. Sometimes these gifts are the ones that leave a lasting impression because there was so much thought that went into them.

Whatever the gift you give, just add a special little touch that always makes it so dear and sweet and just from you.

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