Sunday, September 30, 2007

Change of Season

I just love this time of year, where you can feel fall in the air. All the stores are now stocked with Halloween costumes, and tons of Halloween candy. Many of my favorite memorizes focused around this time of year. Getting my kids their Halloween costumes was a huge event and they would start begging for me to buy the Halloween candy NOW! Some how they were convinced that the stores would run out if I didn't buy it by October first. Funny how you only fall for that idea once. Only to end up running through the grocery store at 5:00 on Halloween night because all that is left in the big black kettle is empty wrappers. Of course your kids are in a panic, afraid you will buy the worst candy and no one will come to your house, once the word goes out that you have little boxes of raisins. Why is it that they think you are clueless about Halloween?
Carving the pumpkin, that was always great fun. It seemed that there was always a disagreement whether the pumpkin should have a smile or a frown. Also, the little battle of where we were going to place the pumpkin where all the neighbors could see it, but the big kids wouldn't smash it.
Now all my children are grown and there are no more pumpkins to carve or costumes to buy, so I enjoy all the little neighbor children in their adorable costumes, so excited to receive the candy.
October is also breast cancer awareness month. A time for all women to go for a check-up and for all of us to raise our voices in prayer for all of our sisters and their families who are dealing with this disease. Sweet Yesterdays, has commissioned Cathy Penton, who has been featured in Romantic Home to do a special charm. Sweet Yesterdays will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these charms to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. So, please stop by and see these beautiful charms they are beautiful.
I love giving things away to all my blog friends, so just post your name and you will be entered into my give away. I will draw a name on October 8th. It will be for one of the beautiful charms from Cathy.
Have Wonderful October!


Cathy said...

Hi Michele,

Since I'm the first post, I'm assuming I automatically win! Right? I figure if I win Laura's Scotty Dog and your charm that's one pretty good stash for the month. hehehe. I'll be waiting to hear the good news at the end of the Contest!
xoxo ~ Cath

Sweet Remembrance said...

Hey Michele...Wouldn't it be great if I won on your blog drawing again...
I was pretty lucky last time!

Whimsy Pink said...

I hope I win! The charms are adorable!! xoxo lil sis~

Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

I hope I win! I love those charms!!!

Trisha said...

Your comment about the raisins was priceless. Each Halloween, I remember my sweet Mom suggesting we give healthy snacks like that and we were just horrified! lol. But thankfully after much begging she always gave in to candy!
a vintage white

Amy @ The Cottage Gate said...

Hi Michele,
I know what you mean about Fall - I love this time of year! I love those charms - I really do need one LOL!!Hope I win! I'm having a giveaway on my blog too, so come visit me if you get a chance.

Junk said...

Raisins were the worst and apples ran a close 2nd to them. Love the charms - pick me!!!

Sondra said...

The previous comment by "junk" was ME. Sorry - I didn't realize I was signed in under another account. Ooops!!

Janet Bernasconi said...

Hi Michele!

OOh I just can't resist giveaways! You're so sweet. The charms look beautiful! OOh I hope I win! lol
Janet's Creative Pillows

Meadow Street said...

Hi Michelle, Love your blog and your site. I hope I win!!

Natasha Burns said...

Hi Michele,
what lovely memories you have!!!! So sweet!

To answer your question on my blog about the round robin book, the one I showed is the one I keep, it is going around and being added-to and will return to me full of pages. The other girls have also started their own books which will come around and we will add pages to it, so there are four books doing the rounds at the same time and all will return to the person who started them. hope that makes sense!!!

ancient one said...

Hey Michele, Enter me please. Thanks for coming by to visit!

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Who can resist such a sweet invitation?

(( ))

Debbie said...

I love autumn too....and your Halloween clipart is so cute!

D said...

I just love giveaways and those charms are cute

The Feathered Nest said...

I would love to have a chance to win one of your beautiful charms!! ~ xxoo, Dawn

The Promoted Princess said...

Hi fellow Mississippian! Please enter me for your drawing. I've enjoyed looking at your blog.

Roxie said...

Hi Michele. I'm so glad I stopped by your blog tonight, or should I say this morning. Whew! I really need to go to bed, but then I might have missed out on this wonderful give-away. Thanks for being so generous, and I wish each and every one of us luck. Such beautiful charms.

Vintage Blue Studio said...

Who can resist a giveaway? The charms really are adorable!


Stephanie said...

I just love this time of year, too! It is my favorite time along with Christmas! Fun memories of wonderful art teachers in school getting us excited about drawing leaves with changing colors, black cats, & pumpkins, & stick trees that were so spooky looking. They were about the only thing I could draw!! :0)

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