Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dying Art

Today I was trying to get organized and came across these three precious little baby items. I have them wrapped in pink tissue and they just really made me think about what a dying art this is. These little items were made by an 80 year old woman that lives in Biloxi, Mississippi. This adorable little lady endured hurricane Katrina and has so much spirit. Her attention to detail is so wonderful, like the tiny pink french knots that go around the little pink flannel blanket. Each are spaced evenly and this is how she attached the satin to the blanket. And the little white hat with the pink pom pom, each stitch is so perfect. The little Mary Jane crocheted shoes are just my favorite.
I really sat and looked at these, and thought will there come a time when no one takes the time to sit and crochet or embroider? Years ago it was so common, in the evenings women would pull out there crocheting or embroidery or knitting. I remember my mother and grandmother always having something to work on. I know many of you collect the embroidered dish towels, pillowcases and tablecloths. Each has a such a sweet feel to them, we try to imagine the woman that sat and took the time to embroider a dish towel or the women that gathered to quilt. I am always amazed not only with quilting but the time that went into preparing the fabric. Cutting all those pieces with a certain pattern in mind. If it were me, I would have probably cut a small portion of fabric and then had to put it away for a rainy day. It seems I have many projects that are still waiting for a rainy day.
I am always so excited when I find a vintage linen or quilt, I feel like I am playing some part in preserving history. I tell my daughters repeatedly, that this is a dying art and some day you will only find embroidery, crocheting, knitting and quilting that has all been done by machine. How sad!
So I just marvel at these little baby items, still made by a woman who has not conceded to letting machines do it. I am sure in the early evenings she sat and worked on these, no pattern needed, these came right from the heart.
I look at these as a gift and I hope that who ever buys them will cherish them and the sweetness of another era.


Stephanie said...

Such precious pretties! My grandmothers both could quilt, knit, crochet, & tat!! I have some gorgeous tattings that my granny made that I need to have backed in some new fabric & re-framed! Thanks for making me think of them again!!

Angelic Accents

Charmingdesigns said...

I have a pair of booties an elderly lady knitted for my daughter when she was born. They are so beautiful. I love the color of your booties.Laurie

ancient one said...

Beautiful little baby shoes!

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Oh Michelle! These are just precious! I agree with you that hand made things are indeed a dying art! And I too, like you, try to preserve things like this. It is just such a precious gift that someone gives when they put their love and care into a handmade item. Seems I can never part with something that someone has made by hand. PS - by the way, you don't know me, but I love your blog! I think that I found you thru Becca's blog. I most certainly will be back!
Southern Lady's Vintage

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

These are things I just love...anything handmade. I have some of my children's greataunts tatting that I treasure.

Miss Rhea said...

Oh, I love baby stuff !! I just bought a sweet pair of crochet booties last weekend. Waiting for grandbabies ! lol, Build it and they will come ! ( my baby stash is getting pretty big, I hope they come soon. lol ) Love your pretty blog !

lauraspretties said...

Hey sis! I just love your pretty things! Those are so precious!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Those are so pretty ! I just love them ~ the work is so intricate and gorgeous ~

Joyce said...

Oh how pretty! I love all heirloom baby things. The blanket is beautiful. Great Blog Michele.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello.

Sweet Remembrance said...

Oh Michele...I love the baby blanket, it is too sweet!
Yhe little hat & shoes are also charming...I wish I knew how to crochet, knit or embroider.

My Pink Boutique said...

Beautiful work! It truely seems to be a dying art and what a shame. Thanks for sharing them with us.


michelle said...

So sweet.