Friday, April 20, 2007

Back To The Drawing Board

Have you ever been working on a project and for some reason it just seems to have taken so long due to so many interruptions? Well this is the case with this little dressing table. I finally completed it yesterday, and as my title of this blog states, it is back to the drawing board. The skirt comes off and it will now have a very very full skirt of pink netting.
I just love this little vintage dressing table and it has the most adorable bench so I want to make the most of it before I put it on my website. I hope that there will be someone who will want it for their daughters bedroom, as I think it is so adorable. It has the little swing arms, which hide a tiny little drawer. Just way to cute.
I have so many projects to complete this week and porch pillows are really at the top of the list. With spring here I love to start putting all my big bright porch pillows out on my wicker furniture. I am also planning on putting some on my website so I hope some of you love big porch pillows as well.

I also love big beach/laundry bags. I usually make up some each summer as we spend time at the beach and my daughter comes home from college and these laundry bags make it so simple for her to keep her room picked up. If you can imagine that! These are wonderful, I make them large enough that she hangs them on her closet door and stuffs them full of dirty cloths and that way the floor is not covered. I am also adding these to my website and believe me these are a lifesaver during the summer. They are an inexpensive way to have each child use them for dirty clothes, toys, beach towels etc. and at the end of the summer you can store beach towels in them. I have even given them as gifts with a cute beach towel rolled up in them and a great novel tucked in. They are just fun and have so many uses.

Before I close today, I just want to say my prayers are with all the families that have lost a loved one from Virginia Tech. The whole country mourns for these parents who have lost a child.


a bit of pink heaven said...

Michelle, Just let me know if you want ribbon and lace, or just ribbon. Just to clarify, it is all new, not vintage. I have ecru and white ribbon.

a bit of pink heaven said...

Michelle, Your blog and website are really sweet. I am adding you to mine, just so I don't miss what you have to offer!


Michele said...

Thanks Ele! I will for sure add yours to mine.