Friday, January 5, 2007

Crisp White Vintage Linens

Many of you have noticed I have a catagory for white linens, you probably wonder why I don't just group those into my bed and bath catagory. I believe you can never have enough white linens of all sorts. Especially for your bedroom, there you should have an abundance. No matter what your design scheme you can always add white, to give it that fresh crisp clean look. If you are going for the romantic, shabby, beachy or cottage look you can never go wrong with adding vintage white linens. They will only compliment the other color scheme you are using.
Each of us is a collector of some sort. And if you're like me, my collections change often, but my one constant is always vintage white linens. I use these in each bedroom, and my guest room always gets compliments as they love the linens and embroidered pillowcases. Just a sweet touch to show your guest how special they are that you have pulled out the good linens for them.
If you have not tried to mix vintage whites with your current bedding, try just one piece and see how it adds just that crisp feel to your bedding.
I would love to hear from you who may also collect vintage linens or those of you who love the vintage whites. I know I'm not alone out there. So please, post a comment.


carol said...

Michele I love vintage linens I can't pass a flea market without checking to see what they might have

Sweetyesterdays said...

Carol, Your just like me, I love them. I always believe they have so much history, a time when women sat in the evening and embroidered pillowcases or dish towels. I am putting some of my favorites up this week on Sweet Yesterdays so please check back. I can only collect so many and then I must share.

Trisha said...

I feel the same way about my vintage white linens. I love to mix them in with my other linens. And no romantic cottage bedroom is complete without vintage white pillowcases trimmed in lace.

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

I collect vintage linens too Michele! It becomes quite a passion doesn't it? And this may sound wierd, but I actually love to wash & iron them when I do find them. I know, I know...who likes to iron! LOL! But there is just something very relaxing to me about the feel of them and the smell of fresh washed linens!
Southern Lady's Vintage